God Is Everywhere

When I was little, I frequently went to church with our neighbors.  During sleepovers, Mary Ann Fitzgerald would gather us kids on the bed before lights-out and we’d recite, “Now I lay me down to sleep…”  I’m pretty sure I’ve always been saved, but I really started pursuing the Lord like He was something that needed to be roped in a hurry before He got away when I was 17.

I’d fallen into the painful habit of relieving stress by making myself throw up, slicing my skin with a straight razor, and I came as close to a suicide attempt as a handful of pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other.  I saw happy, smiling Christians and decided I wanted what they had.  So, I found a church, warm-hearted church-goers found me, and they inspired me to look for God.

God is everywhere.  He was there all along, only I was not in the habit of looking at Him.  The beauty of Christianity is that a person can pray – converse with the Lord – whether they’re kneeling at mass; in a bikini on St. Augustine Beach, Florida; riding a bridle horse through the Independence Valley, Nevada; driving down I-5 near Stockton, California; or sitting on their couch in front of a fireplace. 

Reading the Bible is a great tool for learning about God’s character, His history with humanity, and His plan for us.  But, plenty of people worldwide, who either don’t have access to Bibles, can’t read, or live in countries where Christianity is illegal, have had tremendous experiences with God.  That’s because God isn’t just in a book….He’s everywhere!

The purpose of my life is to show God to people.  That superceeds my horsemanship, my cowboying, my writing, my dating life, my college education, the whole works.  All those things are just tools for God to teach me more about Himself.  For others, He might use dentistry, world travel, singing abilities, city life, or being born a different nationality/gender/body type/hair color/time period, etc.  My own unique combination of gen0- and phenotype traits is just the way God made me.  And He made you, too, because….He’s everywhere!

I hope that whomever you are, wherever you are, you look for God today.  If you’re already a Christian, do it full-force all day long!  If you’re a beginning Christian, try to find the good in an unpleasant situation.  Think of it as a good mental challenge, if nothing else.  If you’re a not-too-sure Christian, try it for thirty seconds when no one’s looking.  I guarantee you Someone is looking and smiling down at you for your efforts 🙂

Thank you for your time!  Have a lovely day and more to come tomorrow.

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One response to “God Is Everywhere

  1. Michael Roberts

    This post disturbed me. Miss Laubacher, you have great value and are extremely talented. I am thinking, after reading your article in Range and seeing you graduated from Cal State-Chico in 2008, that you are about the age of my youngest daughter (I have three), around 25. So I read your post and thought,”Holy Smoke,” that could have been my Whitney’s comments.

    So remember, the Bible says we are “made in His image.” That’s enough for me. So whether you are writing, subbing, roping, or horseback, know that there are people who believe in you and “to those who much is given, much is expected.” And you’ve been given a lot.

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