My Writing Compulsion

A gluten intolerance prevents me from enjoying pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, so instead I am eating handfuls of dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses and winding down with some blogging.  I just wish they weren’t individually wrapped – I like my unhealthy habits to be untraceable.

I spent my Thanksgiving day running on adrenalin and fumes, since last night after work I checked my email and learned I have two new writing assignments for the Nevada Rancher.  I couldn’t fall asleep until amost midnight, and then I woke up at four-thirty, finally straggling to the coffee pot at five-forty.  I’m looking forward to the day I am not so green and I take new assignments in stride, rather than wanting to call everyone I know and scream into the phone “Someone is paying me to write about topics I love!”

While I waited for sleep, angle ideas, interview subjects, phrases, and random words collided in my brain.  I started writing, hoping to get some relief, but then I found scraps of paper in my purse with various unrelated ideas that occured to me throughout the day, and I was off on another rabbit trail. 

Physical exhaustion does not appease this compulsive urge to write; sometimes even writing doesn’t appease the urge to write.  I write until my hand hurts (I’m old-school: first drafts are always longhand with lots of scribbles) and I’m inexplicably pulled down some inner road paved with words.  Sometimes I don’t even want to write – I want to watch reruns of That 70s Show or paint my nails, but then I pick up a pen and there goes three hours. 

There are stories inside me that want to be told.  I am driven by curiousity to seek out others’ stories to tell.  I’m excited to be getting published and receiving new assignments.  This is a career I can work my entire life.  Unlike cowboying, I won’t have to close shop if I wind up crippled or pregnant, and my body won’t ever get too old, sore or stiff to operate a pen.  I don’t expect to reach my full potential as a writer until I’m 70-ish, so I have much to look forward to 🙂

I am very tired.  I am going to forbid myself from writing and hit the hay.  Good-night and thanks for reading!

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