Checking Out Cowboys

Some girls look for a man with a warm smile, nice eyes, buff biceps or trendy clothes.  I size a man up by the shape of his hat.  Is the brim taco-ed like a Texan?  Does he look Amish?  Does his hat say “Hi, I’m a bull rider” or “This is fresh from a Stetson box and I have no idea how to shape the brim”? 

Bound edge or plain, it doesn’t matter.  A custom hat can either tell the world “I have way too much money,” “I take pride in my working gear,” or “What the hell, it’s only half a month’s paycheck.  I’m buyin’ the next round!”  Hat color doesn’t really say too much about a person.  Well, I guess a purple lid might be a little too colorful for me, but black, brown or silverbelly….it’s sixes.

I don’t look too much at the rest of a guy’s outfit.  Okay, I suppose I look at his jeans…and shirt, belt and boots.  Oh, and does he have a little piece of leather ran through his belt loop and holding his pocketknife?  Cuffed Levi’s are kind of neat and old-timey looking.  Wild rags are a total wild card, because I’ve learned there is no pattern, rhyme or reason to which type of guy wears which kind of scarf.  It’s not as simple as “Oh, paisley – he must be a good one” or “Polka dots?  Forget him.” 

A feller’s driver’s license is a telltale sign of what he’s all about.  If he’s a Californian in Jordan Valley for one weekend in May and slips his arm around your waist after the dance, he’s probably got something else on his mind besides horse roping.  If he’s a Texan and asks you to dance, prepare to two-step.  If he’s an Elko County-an, anything goes….he might buy you dinner at The Star and not even kiss you good-night, search his pockets for a diamond ring when you say you can shoe a horse, or invite you to his brother’s wedding, where you will wear a pink leather miniskirt and arrive on a motorcycle.  You just can’t know.

This was kind of fun.  I feel like Taylor Swift, except not so blond and cat-like.  Plus, I’m not rich and famous, a trend that is likely to continue as long as I remain in the cowboy world.  I’ll settle for impoverished and in good company, checking out hat shapes 🙂


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  1. Jaylene Scott

    You are right on with this statement you can tell a lot about a guy by the way his hat is shaped and the way he handles a horse. I like your new blog keep up the great work:).
    ❤ Jaylene

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