Day One

My first thought upon arriving in Las Vegas was Why in the world would anyone build a city here?  No wonder they sell so much alcohol – they have no water.  After seeing the billboard ads, my second thought was Apparently there is a new style for women’s tops: absent.

I’m working for JM Capriola’s this week, and today we unloaded (“we” as in the guys 🙂 a trailer full of merchandise and booth materials.  We checked into the Gold Coast, ate a delicious dinner at TGI Friday’s, and kicked back with a high ball at the bar.  Observing the people, I noticed the cowboy crowd is starting to filter into town. 

I saw guys in boots limping around with knee braces: bull riders.  Silver-haired men with heavily starched Cinch jeans: stock contractors.  Young guys with the back of their hats smashed upwards and a vacant look in their eyes: bareback riders.  Cowboys wearing leather jackets with sponsors’ names and the words ‘team roper’ stitched on the back: team ropers.

I’m beat and headed for bed.  I’m very grateful to my roommate and fellow Cap’s employee, Cindy, however, for her wireless Internet device.  The Gold Coast will let you use their wireless Internet for $12.99 a day.  No, thank you.

Good-night!  Pictures to follow 🙂


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