Day Three

Hello!  Sorry no pictures yet, but one week after its purchase, I just figured out how to insert the memory card correctly into my camera and make the dang thing take pictures.  Tomorrow, we will be in business and snappin’ pics left and right.

Today we finished putting up the Capriola’s booths and decorating for Christmas.  We enjoyed a delicious exhibitors’ barbeque and I lost $2.00 at the blackjack computers.  I’m starting small and learning the game, then we’ll see if I win enough to buy sweet Christmas presents at the trade show.

I’m relieved all the work is done and now we can relax and enjoy the rodeo!  My overall impression of Vegas is still completely sin-full and moral-less, but I will report back later with any fun and legal experiences 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing some rodeo celebrities.  Hopefully we’ll spot Trevor Brazille, Donnie Gay, or at least a timer.  I’ll let ya know…or take a picture with a cardboard cut-out of George Strait and call it cool.

I better run, Cindy is awaiting the use of her computer.  Have a lovely night and I will try to post tomorrow!  Sorry the NFR blogs are not very daily….the wireless Internet card decided to get in the spirit of Vegas and it only works at night.  We try, but cannot access the world wide web during the morning or afternoon.  It’s an after-8 PM kind of card.


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