Day Two

Las Vegas, in general, is a city completely devoid of morals.  I reckon I’m showing my down-home roots, but oh my goodness!  I guess people don’t come to this town to take flowers to the nursing home and rake leaves for their home-bound neighbors.

 People come here to spend money, and lots of it, which works out well for all of us employees at Cowboy Christmas.  One gigantic building houses artisans and stores from Texas, California, Nevada, Oklahoma – all over the Western United States.  Again, I am probably sounding like a wide-eyed country girl, but it just astounds me.  I was the only person in the air-conditioned Convention Center wearing a wild rag.  This ain’t Tuscarora. 

 After building two mini-Capriola’s in two different trade shows, we drove to Bass Pro Shops, which is kind of like a combined camouflage mall/nature museum/shooting range.  The merchandise didn’t interest me – pink camo thermals?  what am I going to do, sneak up on a vat of cotton candy? – but the taxidermy was very impressive.  A bull elk was immortalized down on the ground with all four legs sticking out, being hooked by another bull.  Another exhibit featured a pride of lions, with two females sunning themselves and stretching on their backs.  I saw a giraffe!  Well, actually I saw the underside of a stuffed giraffe, since I am not very tall.  But it was still cool 🙂

 We ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant, where we were seated by a Philipina hostess.  My co-workers regaled our table with stories of past NFR trips, most of which were unsuitable for print.  Since John seems unable to walk past a blackjack table, we stopped in the Silverton casino and waited while he lost twenty bucks.  Once we got him in the pickup, we made a clean break for the Gold Coast.

I am resting up for the rest of the week, since I don’t anticipate much sleep once the rodeo starts.  Justin McBride, a talented bull rider-turned-singer, and Scotty Alexander, a reportedly wicked guitar picker, are playing for free at our hotel every night after the rodeo.  I have friends flying in from two different states that I must catch up with, and I packed three pairs of boots and dresses.  Looking forward to my first NFR!


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