Day Five

More people watching at the trade show today.  You can always spot the Mormon cowboys.  They wear Amish facial hair and suit jackets, without even a single look up from the mohair McCarties when I smile and say, “How are you boys enjoying the Finals?”

We scored tickets to the performance tonight (!!!) so that will be fun.  We plan to check out the buckle presentation at South Point, plus I have some college girlfriends staying out there that I need to hang out with.  It will be a fun night 🙂

It’s strange to think how far rodeo has evolved.  What began as a ring of pickups and wagons parked in a flat spot with a bronk raisin’ dust in the middle is now a bunch of dirt transported onto a basketball court floor in Las Vegas.  One thing hasn’t changed, though: rhinestones.  They are everywhere in the western world of fashion, as they have been since the 1950s.  Glenn Campbell would be proud.


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