Day Four

Thursday was our first day at the trade show.  From watching the crowd, I realized all a girl has to do to stand out is wear jeans and a t-shirt.  Apparently, they don’t let you in the building without 8 pounds of jewelry and 3 layers of makeup.  All the Texas girls wear pendants that can be removed from the necklace and used as weapons of self-defense. 

The shopping is better than Costco.  Where else can you buy Garcia spurs, ML Leddy boots, candied almonds and a mattress?  Lots of free samples, too.  I tried bloody mary mix, chocolate martinis, and something called acai juice because I thought it was red wine.  Tasty, plus it’s healthy 🙂

For dinner, we went to Ellis Island, a total dive casino with truly amazing steak.  Steak dinner for 5 people cost $47!!  The delicious food was worth being half scared walking through the slot machines.

We watched the live NFR feed in our hotel bar.  I especially enjoyed the calf roping, mainly because the Cooper brothers are so good looking.  I watched Donnie Gay and Joe Beaver’s National Finals Tonight show in the Gold Coast lounge, which was hysterical.  JW Harris was their first guest, and he said, “I’m pleased to be on the Gay Beaver show tonight.”  I laughed.  They repeatedly showed Josh Peek’s steer wrestling run, in which he got mowed over by the steer.  I laughed. 

I was pleasantly surprised to note that Jesus was mentioned several times throughout the rodeo and wrap-up show.  The announcers told the crowd which cowboys were men of “devout faith,” Josh Peek said he and his wife prayed at length before making serious rodeo decisions, and Donnie Gay praised his recent emergency appendectomy as a “Jesus thing.”  The Lord is alive and well in Sin City for the ten days the PRCA is in town.  We’ll take it and build on it 🙂


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