Day Six

My blog is going a bit retroactive, because I never have time to blog at night, so I’m reporting on last night’s events this morning.  A bit confusing, but I have faith all my readers can keep up 🙂

Round Two last night was a great experience!  The barrel racing was really tough, the calf roping was smokin’ hot, and a bunch of roughstock riders got down in the chute smashed between their horses and the fence but none were hurt.  The other day I commented favorably on the Cooper brothers’ looks, but my apologies to Montana: the Tryan men are equally attractive.  They may have frost in July, but they still manage to grow ’em tall, dark and handsome up north.

After the perf, we took in the buckle presentation ceremony at South Point, the out-of-town hot spot of rodeo in this town.  The round winners brought their family, friends, drivers – whomever they chose to come onstage with them and receive their awards – and introduced and thanked each person.  Each one received $17,500, a Montana Silversmiths buckle and a bottle of Pendleton whiskey. 

It was neat to see the rookies, nervously handling the microphone and exclaiming, “I just can’t believe I’m here!” and the pros like Martin Lucero, who said “Oh, I’ll be back two or three more times this year.” 

The band was rockin’, the cover charge was free and the ceremony real and unrehearsed.  We’ll be headed back tonight for some more dancing and good times in Vegas 🙂

Thanks for reading!  I just figured out how to work the flash on my camera, so pics to follow….I know, that’s sounding like an empty promise, but I am rather photographically challenged.  I’ll get it figured out eventually.


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