Cowboy Church

Since it’s Sunday and all, I decided to post my notes from Corey Ross’ cowboy church service the first Sunday of the NFR, held in the arena at Mandalay Bay.  He is a talented singer/preacher from Texas, and delivered a sermon to a sizeable crowd including the deMoss brothers of saddle bronc riding notoriety.

-it’s ok to get called names (goody two shoes, holier-than-thou, etc.) for living your faith
         -if you truly think you’re holier than thou, check your motives, but if your heart is for God, ignore the insults

-takes boldness and heart to proclaim God is Lord and that we love Jesus to others, esp. in un-godly locales (like Vegas)
         -takes boldness to change and say “parties don’t move me anymore; I’m moved by Bible”

-we better guard our ears against words that can enter and tear us down if we take them to heart

-in the Old Testament times, common folk couldn’t approach throne of God; Jesus died so we can

-going to take boldness to say no to sin
        -if it’s difficult, means I’m on the right track
        -can’t live one way sometimes and another way other time (Matthew 6:33)

-joy of the Lord produces strength

-there are people that want us to not serve the Lord
       -just being realistic: the devil is always out to get us
       -enemy comes for us when we are give-out tired (haha, good Texas phrase!) and weak for the fight

-Jesus didn’t back down or relent when under attack for God

-takes boldness to live by the Bible and not let the world tell us how to live

4 ways to do this:

1)  Speak the Word
      -be imitators of Jesus

2)   Find some agreement
       -watch out for friends who try to draw you the other way

3)   Get out of fear
       -Hebrews 11:1
       -opposite of faith is fear
      -we live in economy of God, not world; financial troubles shouldn’t scare us

4)   Don’t quit
      -don’t quit no matter what anyone else might say
      -when I continue on in faith, there is no devil that can stop me from succeeding in God
      -be a doer, not just a hearer of God’s Word
      -don’t let anyone, including self, tell me I am done
                  -do my part and press on
       -boldly start over as many times as necessary

-if I lack wisdom, ask God and He will give it liberally

Hope these deliver a little faith uplift to someone!   Sure was a good service.  On the back of one guy’s shirt were the words “I Am Second.”  Pretty cool for an NFR-qualifier to sport that, don’t ya think?  Good to know God is cool for rodeo cowboys, too.  Keep the faith! 🙂

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