Why is every generation so egotistical and self-centered that they think their problems are The Worst EVER? 

My generation has drivers who text while driving, airport suicide bombers, increasing government regulations, rapidly diminishing Social Security funds and a healthcare crisis.  According to our elders, life will never be as good as it was 40 years ago.  We are doomed.

Big deal.  We are not unique; when the first automobiles hit the streets, the aging members of the previous generation slapped their buggy whips on ol’ Bay’s rump and said “Those darn fools who buy those noisy, breakin’-down, inefficient contraptions!  Henry Ford must’ve been drinkin’ his bathwater.  They’ll never catch on.” 

Technology always catches on.

Humankind also is continually plagued by problems.  We think no cell phone service, ridiculously high medical bills, hormonally enhanced cows’ milk and ADD are problems?  What about the folks in preceeding eras who dealt with being thrown in front of lions for refusing to renounce their faith, or those who were killed by Crusaders for refusing to convert?

Royal women in the Middle Ages had one life goal: produce a male heir.  Could you imagine facing the Black Plague with no hand sanitizer?  Or coming to America with a cough, knowing you wouldn’t make it through Ellis Island and Ireland was fresh out of potatoes?

Ranchers today have to fight the BLM and anit-horse-slaughter activists.  Ranchers in the 1800s had to fight Geromino, winter and railroad land-grabbers.  There’s always a war; the battlefied just changes. 

What are we going to do about our problems?  There most likely are viable solutions.  We need to see past our own generation, both forward and backward, and get some perspective.  This is not the end of the world, and if it is, then who cares anyway?  I know where I’m going.

Perspective.  That’s the important element.

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