This week kicked my butt.  I subbed every day, and after school I worked on the pile of freelance assignments I’m trying to complete on deadline.  I’m not complaining, because I’m grateful for the work, but yeesh! 

I told myself, You’re sitting in a nice warm classroom.  You’re not expending any amount of energy long trotting or roping with a wool sweater, down jacket and two pairs of gloves.  You pansy, why are you so tired?  I realized the mental exhaustion of guiding a group of schoolchildren through a day of learning is much greater than the physical exhaustion of sitting on a horse all day shoving cattle around.

After yesterday, I decided “Miss Laubacher” is a bad word and anyone who utters it more than ten times a minute should sit in the corner for the remainder of class.  If anyone corrects me and says “But that’s two words,” you can sit in the corner, too. 

I designated Saturday as my official Get All My Writing Assignments Done And Emailed To My Editors day, but so far all I’ve done is watch Made of Honor  (Patrick Dempsey is HOT) and drink a glass of wine.  It’s not quite noon.  I thought I’d fall back on an old Chico State trick called “when you’re stuck on writing a paper, drink.” 

I’m having my doubts about how well this will work, and not just because I actually laughed out loud at the phrase “bling-bling” typed on the screen.  Maybe I should arrange for the post office to deliver magazines featuring my work with a bottle of merlot.  I think it would help the circulation, anyway.  Actual readership, not so sure….I get a little tipsy and want to socialize. 

If I were in Chico, I would put on some mascara, a swingy skirt, and take a stroll downtown.  There was always someone in their yard enjoying the sunshine who wanted to visit.  In Elko, I’d have to walk a few miles to downtown, including dodging the big rigs on Mountain City Highway and make it over the I-80 overpass.  I haven’t drank that much wine yet, but ask me again at 3 PM.

Oy….here I am, blogging in an effort to motivate my writing self and finish these dang assignments!!!!  It’s kind of worked….but not so much you’d notice.  Luckily, the dryer just dinged, so I can continue my procrastination by putting clean sheets on my bed.  Happy Saturday! 🙂


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3 responses to “Oy

  1. Michael Roberts

    Do not quit Miss Laubacher. You are a writing sonofagun! It’s okay to get frustrated and upset, but keep penning them words and sharing your world. I really (what a trite intensifier) like your work. If “voice” is the heartbeat of good prose, yours is coming through loud and clear. Thanks for the blogs, they’ve been bookmarked and now I’m going back to years past. Your my Erma Bombeck in jeans, a flat brimmed hat,and Olathe boots. I hope you wear a “wild rag” on occasion, cause your writing can get pretty western.


    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m curious – are you a denizen of the western/ranching world? Glad you’re reading and enjoying my blogs! I’m trying to gain a readership for a book-in-the-works 🙂

      • Michael Roberts

        Interesting question. I was raised by my grandfather, a cow-calf operator in the Tucumcari, New Mexico area. I went to college on a full rodeo scholarship working all three riding events. I’ve never been able to shake my western roots and let’s hope they’ll continue to remain in my DNA until it’s over. At the present time I am the International Baccalaureate Coordinator for the Amarillo ISD. Don’t ask how I got that job, but after our former coordinator left, they decided I was the man. I didn’t understand how hard this horse bucks and wish I could saddle up my old AP English job. I have taught Business Communication at Amarillo College and worked in corporate America for over 25 years. One of those companies was Cargill, Inc. a huge agricultural conglomerate headquartered in Minneapolis. As you can see, I’m one confused old coyote.

        Every once in a while I get the urge to saddle up and just prowl a large pasture, 50 sections would do.

        I am a most eclectic reader and enjoy Wallace Stegner, Thomas McGuane and others you probably haven’t even heard of.

        But I also like good sentences, populated with good words, and reading people who’ve been there, done that, and can tell me what they did with solid word pictures. You have that gift. You write the book and I’ll read it. And most likely it will be worth my time and I’ll tell all I can, “Hey, check out this gal–she can flatass write.”

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