Horseback Again

Well, I made it through Week #1 at Van Norman Quarter Horses.  My second day of work consisted of fixing fence in a snowstorm.  If that isn’t fun, I don’t know what is.  Despite my optimistic daily predictions of “It’s supposed to be 65 and sunny today” throughout the week, the weather didn’t improve much, but the workload did. 

I helped Ty start some three-year-old colts, an activity that always improves this girl’s disposition.  Colts are so fun; trot around with no steering wheel, strike a lope, then trot around behind another colt, which scares the lead colt, which makes him grab another gear and take off, so the second colt accelerates to catch up, it’s fun. 

Colts are so expressive.  I ask for a right turn with my halter rope, and sometimes they lean against it and shake their heads, like saying “I don’t wanna!”  They perk their ears up and trot across the pen to sniff the fence, as in “Hey, guys, check it out – a red gate!”  The barn cat jumps out of a tire feeder, and the colt whirls sideways and arches his neck.  “Holy s@#!&!  What was that?!”  Then the dog walks in front of the colt and he puts his head down, points his ears, and follows it. 

I realize I’m very fortunate to ride JP Bar horses at work every day.  The scariest thing these colts do is put their heads down and lick their lips.  I acquired another bridle horse in my string (his name’s Owhyee – guess where he’s from?) and 3 gentle, friendly little colts.  Riding these suckers is worth suffering through blowing snowstorms and a windburned face.

A windburn looks and feels much like a sunburn, except it’s not nearly as much fun.  With a sunburn, at least you get to remember the fun time you had lying on a beach/swimming in the lake/barbequeing in your backyard.  With a windburn, all you can tell yourself is “Gee, how can there possibly be any dirt left in this desert?  I’m pretty sure every particle of it blew directly into my eyes today.”  It’s like a hangover without the party.

Wind or no wind, it’s nice to be horseback again.  Now I can start wearin’ out my boots from the top down once more 🙂


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