My Life as a Minnow

           Geographically speaking, Elko is aproximately 4 1/2 hours from anywhere.  It’s that far to Reno, Salt Lake City, and Boise.  I guess Twin Falls, Idaho (locally known as “Twin”) is a touch closer, but I’ve never been there so it doesn’t count.
           Being from California, where a person can go to Victoria’s Secret and buy a fancy bra any old time she wants, the distance of Elko from a shopping mall took some adjusting.  I have figured out the secret: shop online and don’t admit that I secretly love the remoteness.  You can’t go to Raley’s, church or the post office without running into someone you know.  The Sagebrush Telegraph never rests, churning out false truths and outright lies quicker than you can say, “Did you hear about….”  It’s like living in a fish bowl.

    The central gathering place for modern-day buckaroos.  10 minutes in here and you’ll be transported to a state of mind where hats are flat, the band is loud, glasses are filled with whisky, and the party stops when it’s time to catch horses for the day’s work.  Don’t wear your good jacket – you’ll never get the smell of secondhand smoke out of it.

      Conveniently located across the street from Stockmen’s, this is a fun place to play pool.  Drew and I like to run the table.  Never play shuffleboard with Tayler and Twain; they will annihilate you.  It’s not fun, and your self-esteem will suffer.

         Everybody loves a historic Basque house, especially one that’s smoke-free, clean, and serves Scotty’s delicious beverages.  Great place to play some Ian Tyson and listen to Chase Chapin sing “M.C. Horses” really loudly after 6 kalimoxtos.  Can be a highly entertaining section of the fish bowl.

        No one really goes here anymore, as it is no longer 1983.  Sad that I missed that era.

       Another terrific Basque house.  There certainly is no shortage of lamb chops, cabbage soup, fries, and garlic-based salad dressing in Elko County.  Great place for a first date, but only if you want to make a really good impression 🙂

        They make a delicious array of salads and have an extensive wine list; the menfolk call it the “chick bar.”  Katie and I love it.  Like, two-glasses-of-wine-say-hi-to-everyone-at-the-bar-as-you-walk-to-your-table kind of love it. 

        My Saturdays and holidays place of employment.  Come check out the gear, museum, and floor upstairs.  I scrub the floor with a rag and bucket of water, so I like to show it off.  I Pledged it once, but then the first person up the stairs instantly fell to the floor, so now I no longer use Pledge.  Just in case, better wear rubber-soled shoes.

       Perhaps the most fun place in the fish bowl.  You can ride, rope, brand, cut, sort, win, lose, or draw.  Bet on the ponies and drink an ET and water for the full Elko County experience.  Or, skip the ET because it’s nasty.  Either one. 

      The people in here are warm, welcoming, smiling, singing, and God-loving.  The place really does radiate God’s love and true joy.  I dig it.  Jim digs it.  Branden digs it.  Katie digs it.  Everybody digs it. 

So, there’s a little tour of my fish bowl.  It’s a great place to live – wonderful people, huge sagebrush flats, lots of miles to long trot, and branding contests practically every month.  It’s not bad, for a fish bowl.  Until the winter storms commence; then it turns into a snow globe.

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