Get to know Jo

I’m a Northern Californian ranch girl currently residing in Elko, Nevada.  I enjoy getting up at 4 AM, performing manual labor for 10 consecutive hours, and never liked eating lunch anyways.  I enjoy working on my  hand suntan and always wear waterproof mascara.

I can change a flat tire, and I say “thank you” when a cowboy takes the cranky colt and lets me ride the gentle bridle horse.  I can shoe a horse as long as there’s no time limit, and I’m willing to trade a batch of cookies to anyone willing to sharpen my pocketknife. 

I crave the regularity of going to church every Sunday, and “Amazing Grace” is my favorite hymn.  I read my Bible while I drink my coffee every single morning.

Thanks for reading my blog!  I hope you enjoy it 🙂  John 3:16 (that’s definitely carved onto the cantle board of my saddle – literally)

6 responses to “Get to know Jo

  1. John A. Moore

    Miss your Elko/Nevada blog this year. Must be something to share with us about your part of the world.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, there is plenty to share, but I’m now the staff writer for a local ranching magazine, so I can’t do my blog anymore. Subscribe to the Nevada Rancher for news and info from out here!

  2. And you’re a cowgirl, too!
    I’ve had two horses (well, they were my daughters’ horses!) and have yet to learn how to shoe anyone but me and my kiddos.
    Awesome! Can’t wait to meet you

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