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Gift Wrapping 101

As I have worked several Christmas seasons in the retail industry, I feel qualified to dispense professional advice to my fellow gift-wrappers.  What follows are key points I’ve picked through the years, some tips and tricks of the trade. 

1) Always make sure the wrapping paper covers the entire gift.  This is a biggie and should not be overlooked by beginners. 

2) Be sure to remove the price tags before wrapping.  As a safeguard, my boss will appear at your elbow and ask “Did you remove the price?” approximately 67 times per day. 

3) Keep track of which wrapped gifts belong to which customers.  For some reason, people do not find it amusing when a woman meant to unwrap a pair of Ugg boots opens a box containing a man’s vest and a pair of work gloves. 

4) Just in case something slips through the cracks in #3, try to avoid working on December 26th.  Returns can get ugly.

5) Tell yourself the customer is always right, and when that doesn’t cool your temper, put a bow over the huge rip in the paper and smile a little inside.

Here are some insider tips for customers to consider.

1) It helps to stand six inches in front of the sales clerk as they wrap your gift.  They work best under close supervision and could not cut paper and curl ribbons without your eyeballs monitoring their every move. 

2) As you perform #1, suggest which color bows look best with which paper.  Change your mind frequently.

3) After the sales clerk disappears to wrap your purchase, give her approximately 17 seconds to complete the job before you voice your impatience to her co-worker.  You have to be firm with these people!

4) Buy $600 worth of kitchen ware and ask to have each item wrapped.

5) Upon hearing that gift wrapping is complimentary, jokingly say you will bring in all your presents.  This cheers them up.

I hope my gift wrapping advice is useful to folks on both sides of the counter!  Remember: don’t stress the small stuff, and always keep your sense of humor.  A vest and pair of gloves is way better than Uggs any day!

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping 🙂

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