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Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of year when the shop-a-holics get a natural high from standing too close to a clearance rack while listening to “Santa Baby” and the rest of us grit our teeth and push open the doors to Wal-Mart. 

I detest shopping, unlike most of the other members of my gender.  I got a kick out of watching shoppers at Cowboy Christmas.  The women would hold up purses for their male counterpart’s inspection, asking “What do you think of this one?  Maybe that one?”  The man would dutifully peer over her shoulder at the handbag in question, but the look in his eyes said “Where’s the bar?” 

Guys in cowboy hats who walked past the Capriola’s booth were involuntarily drawn to the bit and spur wall like moths to a Coleman lantern.  This action caused their lady friends to stop as if they’d hit an invisible forcefield, then lean one arm on the jewelry counter and gaze off into space. 

I thought I’d try to branch out one afternoon, and tried to sell some sterling silver earrings to a stock contractor from Montana, even offering to throw in free ear piercing.  I held up a bloody mary and said, “A few more of these, and I’m game.  You might want to get in on the next couple rounds, too.”  No takers.

Back here in Elko, my Christmas shopping consisted of browsing through the clothing section of Cal Ranch.  I ran into my friend Crystal, and we had a good visit.  I didn’t find anything for any member of my Christmas list, so I drove to Boot Barn.  As I left that store, I passed Crystal going in.  I told her this was the last western store we’d meet at that day, as I had actually purchased gifts. 

I enjoy giving gifts, it’s just my chronic state of broke-ness that makes their purchase a bit challenging.  I’m always searching for the perfect way to say “I care” without spending over $5.  I once took a box of store bought brownies that I had received in a White Elephant gift exchange, arranged them on a paper plate, covered them with plastic wrap, put a bow on top and passed them off to a friend as homemade.  What does it say about my character that I’m actually proud of that moment? 

Whatever you buy or don’t buy, do it with love.  Merry Christmas!

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