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Yesterday I chatted for two hours (thanks, free Verizon mobile-to-mobile!) with my dear friend Theodora, aka “Theodorable,” “Theohorrible” (her brother’s creation), “Theo,” or “The O.”  As we burned up the cell phones waves (do they have waves?  or are they signals?  telebeams?  magic?) from Washington, DC to Elko, NV, our conversation naturally turned philosophical.  I mean, you can’t talk about the weather for that long 🙂

I mentioned my friend Mark has repeatedly told me I am one of the quirkiest people he knows, and he knows a lot of people.  I pondered to Theo, “But, isn’t everyone just a bundle of quirks anyway?”

“Yes, but most people hide theirs.” 

True friends always hold up the looking-glass of reality!  In this case, it seems I was the last to notice what everyone else was already seeing.  I feel like I’ve had spinach stuck between my front teeth for 24 years.

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